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Religious School

Our Religious School provides small, personalized classes, with lots of one on one attention and a dynamic values-based approach. The program combines online and in-person learning. and an emphasis on family education, with parents joining their children in all grades once a month for in-person learning activities. 

Synagogue Membership is NOT Required

No Mid-Week Commute

A Vibrant new Approach using Online Technology

    K- 2nd Grade Program - Once a week live Sunday classes. Introduction to holidays, prayers, and Hebrew letters through hands-on activities, arts and crafts, stories, and engaging lessons.

    3rd-7th Grade Program - Two out of four Sundays online; Mid-week classes online.  In addition to in-person classes and activities, we use ShalomLearning to power online learning with Jewish values-themed lessons and activities, (ie. gevurah (inner strength), shalom (peace) or hakarat hatov (gratitude). Hebrew instruction is also an integral part of the program. Students are engaged using technology and connecting with one another and the Jewish community.

 To learn more, contact Rabbi Charles Arian at Kehilat Shalom at 301-869-7699 or use the link below.

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