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Rabbi's Update 3/24/2023

Dear Friends:

With Pesach coming up in less than two weeks I want to make sure you have all the resources you need for Pesach preparation and observance. Some of this information has already appeared in other emails from Kehilat Shalom but I want to be certain it’s all gathered in one place so you don’t have to search for it.

Passover Information 5783

Kehilat Shalom

There is a food drive container in the synagogue lobby for food that you want to donate as you are doing your Passover cleaning.

Tuesday April 4

11:30 a.m.: Deadline to appoint Rabbi Arian as agent to sell your Chametz.

Chametz sale contract is available here. Late signatures cannot be accepted.

Wednesday April 5

6:45 am Siyyum to exempt firstborns from the fast. Signup here.

11 am Last time to eat chametz

7:18 candle lighting

No evening minyan

Thursday April 6

9:30 am Services for first day of Passover led by Rabbi Arian and Hazzan Komrad, Zoom only

No evening minyan

Friday April 7

9:30 am Services for second day of Passover, Zoom only

6:30 pm Evening services for intermediate Shabbat of Passover, Zoom only

Saturday, April 8

9:30 am Services for intermediate Shabbat of Passover, in person and on Zoom

8:40 pm, Havdalah -- Zoom only

Tuesday, April 11

7:45 pm, Evening services for seventh day of Passover, Zoom only.

Wednesday, April 12

9:30 am, Services for seventh day of Passover, Zoom only

7:45 pm, Evening services for eighth day of Passover, Zoom only

Thursday, April 13

9:30 am, Services for eighth day of Passover, Yizkor is recited. In person and on Zoom, led by Rabbi Arian and Hazzan Komrad

7:45 Evening minyan

8:25 Passover ends.

Useful Passover Links:

How to Lead a Seder -- Information from Exploring Judaism presented by the Conservative Movement

Interest Free Passover Micro-Loans from the Hebrew Free Loan Association

Passover Learning Links from Hadar, a traditional egalitarian Yeshiva in New York

As a reminder, I am having drop-in hours on Thursday afternoons from 2 to 4 at the shul. You do not need to make an appointment -- that would negate the whole point of drop-in hours -- but I’d urge you to check and make sure I am there regardless as sometimes there are unavoidable pastoral or other emergencies which might take me away from the building.

As always, if I can do anything for you or you need to talk, please contact me at or 301-977-0768 rather than through the synagogue office. I am happy to meet you at the synagogue by appointment. I have been spending more time in the synagogue recently but if you want to speak with me it’s best to make an appointment rather than assuming I will be there when you stop by.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Charles L. Arian

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