Current Events


We are lucky to be part of a vibrant Jewish community with lots of opportunities to enjoy ourselves, help others, and expand our Jewish knowledge both here at Kehilat Shalom and in the greater Maryland – District of Columbia – Virginia area.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, all events and services are online at the Zoom link provided below with a list of current events and services:

Thur Mar 26              Writing your own Theology class with Rabbi Arian –
                                      8:00 pm; Zoom only
Fri Mar 27                 Virtual Lunch with Rabbi – 12:30 pm ; go to Zoom link:
Fri Mar 27                 Online Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbi Arian and Hazzan 
                                   Komrad – 6:30 – ending before Shabbat begins;
                                  Zoom link:
Fri Mar 27                 Candlelighting – 7:09 pm
Sat Mar 28                Online Shabbat services with Rabbi Arian and 
                                Hazzan Komrad – 10:00 am; abbreviated service;
                                  Zoom link:
Sat Mar 27              Virtual Havdalah and Schmooze with Rabbi Arian –
                                    8:30 pm at Zoom link
Sun Mar 29                Online Sunday morning minyan – 9:15 am; Zoom link:
Mon Mar 30                “Preparing for Passover in an age of COVID-19” – 10:00 
                                 a.m. at Zoom link
Tue Mar 31                  Virtual Sisterhood Sip N’ Schmooze – 6:00-7:30 pm;
                                    connect at this link:
Sun Mar 29 – Thur April 2: Online Evening minyan: 7:45 pm; Zoom link: